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Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council

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You've lost your dog! So, whats the first thing you should do? Here is some advice on what to do when your best friend goes missing:

  • Phone the Dog Warden! - we receive lots of calls from people who have either found dogs or have seen dogs running loose every day - maybe one of these could be yours? Always phone the Dog Warden in the first instance as we stay in close contact with PSNI and our kennels about reports of lost or missing dogs. The Dog Warden is available Monday - Friday from 9pm to 5pm

              Telephone: 028 8772 0366/0345

             Email:[email protected]

  • Ask your neighbours! - they may have seen your dog out and about when you weren't at home.
  • Phone the PSNI! - many stray dogs and dogs that have been found are reported to the Police - they do not have the powers to handle such calls and they notify the Council of any such information.

             Telephone: 0845 600 8000 and ask for your local station.

  • Contact the Council Kennels! - the first port of call for any dog that has been collected by the Warden will be our kennelling facility.  They also run their own website and regularly upload pictures of the dogs that have been brought to them on their site.  All dogs that are taken in by the pound will be scanned to see if they have a microchip and that way an owner can be traced. BUT REMEMBER - if your dog has been straying and collected by the Dog Warden you may have to pay certain fees to have your dog returned! Dogs brought to the kennels can only be kept for five days (the law says so) and after that every effort will be made to rehome fit  and healthy animals.

             Telephone: 028 8773 8861

             Web: www.lostdogsni.com


Ensuring that your dog is licensed - the council will then have your details on file

Ensuring your dog wears its collar with Licence Tag and an Identification Plate with the dog's name, owners name, address and contact number on it

Have your dog microchipped - this will again mean that your details have been recorded and you can be contacted once the chip has been read.

Interested in Adopting a Dog??

The Councils kennelling facility has a number of healthy dogs of all breeds and ages suitable for rehoming.  Please contact them using the details above to find out if you could rehome any of the dogs they have available.

You can also check with the Dogs Trust who have a rehoming facility in Ballymena.  When you visit a Dogs Trust centre, their staff will ask about your home and lifestyle to help find the right dog for you. Staff at Dogs Trust centres will also be happy to give you their experience of all breeds. All dogs are neutered, microchipped and given a complete health check – including vaccinations and treatment for worms and fleas - before going to their new homes. They also give you a collar and lead and four weeks’ free insurance, all of which are covered by an adoption fee. As it may take a little time for your dog to settle in to his new home, they provide a free back-up service to assist you. In fact, Dogs Trust are there to offer help and advice for the rest of your dog’s life should you need it.

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