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Dog Control


Having a dog can be a great and rewarding relationship. However, it is also a very big commitment, demanding time, money and care and a lot of responsibility.


Before getting a dog you should think about your lifestyle and carefully consider what kind of dog you get, and where you get it from.


Click here for some general advice on Good Dog ownership



How to find the dog that’s right for you

Think carefully about what kind of dog will best suit you – how big is your family, and what kind of house do you live in? Do you have a large garden or yard, or access to somewhere the dog can exercise? Do you have time to provided the daily exercise the dog will need? Have you owned a dog before? Do some research to make sure that the kind of dog you are looking for is well suited to your family and your everyday  life.


Where you can get a dog


If you decide to get a dog, you will need to think about where to get

him from:


Dogs Trust


At the local Dogs Trust centre in Ballymena there are always dogs available for rehoming! When you visit a Dogs Trust centre, their staff will ask about your home and lifestyle to help find the right dog for you. Staff at Dogs Trust centres will also be happy to give you their experience of all breeds. All dogs are neutered, microchipped and given a complete health check – including vaccinations and treatment for worms and fleas - before going to their new homes. They also give you a collar and lead and four weeks’ free insurance, all of which are covered by an adoption fee. As it may take a little time for your dog to settle in to his new home, they provide a free back-up service to assist you. In fact, Dogs Trust are there to offer help and advice for the rest of your dog’s life should you need it.


A new baby and the family dog

Staying safe with dogs


Council kennels


You can contact Drumbonaway Kennels who provide the council’s kennelling facility.  There are always dogs of all breeds available for rehoming to new owners and they can also offer advice, microchip your dog and provide vouchers, provided courtesy of the Dogs Trust, for reduced neutering fees.


Other rescue centres


There are many other dog rescue centres throughout the UK, including breed specific rescues. Ask your vet if they know of any rescues locally or check breed association websites for recommended rescues.


A reputable breeder


If you decide to buy a pedigree dog, only go to a reputable breeder – The Kennel Club can give you a list or you can ask your vet about local breeders. And don’t forget to find out as much as you can about your

chosen breed’s traits and habits.  Breeders are required to register with the Council and you can check with us if you are in any doubt about where the dog is coming from.


LOST YOUR DOG??  Click on the Lost Dog to find out

information on what to do and who to contact if you

have lost your dog.


The Law


Keeping a dog comes with great responsibility and the council Dog Warden Service is kept busy with complaints about dogs whose actions are the result of bad dog ownership.  The Dogs Order (NI) Order 1983 sets out what a good dog owner must do to comply with the law and we have our own advice on what makes a Good Dog Owner. If your dog barks a lot, you may get a visit from the Dog Warden and the Environmental Health Department - you can read our advice on Barking Dogs for further information.


The following questions will provide answers to some of the most common queries answered by the Dog Warden Service:


Does everyone who keeps a dog need a Licence?


Generally speaking, yes. There are a few exceptions for example if your dog is an assistance dog.  However, you must be over the age of 16 to hold a licence and you cannot obtain a licence if you have been disqualified from keeping a dog either under Article 33A of the Dogs (NI) Order 1983 or Section 33 of the Welfare of Animals Act (NI) 2011.


You can apply online for your Dog Licence, or download the application form to post, or deliver in person to the Council Offices.


When should I get a dog licence?


You must buy a Dog Licence before you get a dog. If you do not, both you and the supplier of the dog are committing an offence. You can apply for a licence up to 28 days before the date you propose to get your dog.


    How much does it cost?


    A basic dog licence costs £12.50. 


    However, if you meet certain criteria you may qualify for a reduced rate:


1.If you are over 65 and only have one dog you are entitled to ONE FREE licence - HOWEVER YOU MUST STILL APPLY FOR A LICENCE. 


2. If you are over 65 and have already claimed a free licence each additional licence will cost £5


3. If you are in receipt of Income Support or Housing Benefit a licence will cost £5 - you will be asked to provide proof of receipt of this benefit. 


4. If your dog has been sterilised your licence will cost £5 - you will be asked to provide proof of sterilisation


5. Those persons entitled to a Block Licence will pay £32 - details of this are in our FAQs


                 How do I apply for a Licence?


 You can apply for a licence online, or download your application form, or call the Licensing Unit on 028 8772 0345/ 0366 for an application form to be posted out.  You can also call in person at the Council Offices.  Payment can only be accepted by Cheque or Postal Order if you are posting your application.  Cash will only be accepted when paying in person.


What happens once my dog is licensed?


A licence will be valid for one year.  Once your dog is licensed you must:


ü      Ensure the Licence Identification Tag is attached to the dog collar.   Failure to do so may result in the issue of a £75 Fixed Penalty.


ü      Ensure your dog wears a collar with the name and address of the keeper inscribed on it or on a plate or badge attached to it. Failure to do so may result in the issue of a £75 Fixed Penalty.


ü      Retain the attached licence and it must be produced on demand to any authorised officer of the Council.


ü      Notify the Council of any changes to the licence details.


ü      Ensure that your dog is microchipped - From March 2012 your licence will not be valid unless your dog has been fitted with a microchip. Dungannon & South Tyrone BC in conjunction with Dogs Trust are issuing the local vets with free microchips subject to availability.



û   Do not allow your dog to foul public places. Allowing your dog to foul may result in a Fixed Penalty of £50 or a fine up to £1000.  Click on the No Fouling sign to read about the problems of dog fouling.


ü      Keep your licence up to date. Keeping a dog without a licence is an offence and you may receive a £75 Fixed Penalty or a fine of up to £1000.


ü      Keep your dog under control - It is an offence to permit your dog to stray.  A dog is straying when it Is off its owner's or keeper's premises, or off land on which it may be by the permission of the owner of the land. If your dog strays you may be issued a £75 Fixed Penalty or be fined up to £1000. Worse, if not under control your dog

ü      may:


 û  Attack a person resulting in a Maximum Penalty Fine £5000.00 or 6 months imprisonment plus the possible humane destruction of dog


û  Worry Livestock resulting in a Maximum Penalty Fine £1000.00 and the possible humane destruction of dog.


û  Attack another domestic animal - Maximum Penalty Fine £1000.00


CONTROL CONDITIONS - In certain circumstances the Council may impose control conditions requiring the keeper of a dog to take measures to improve their control of that dog. Failure to observe any condition imposed is an offence and you may be issued a Fixed Penalty of £75 or face a fine of up to £2500.00.





WANT TO KNOW MORE??? Click on the Question Mark for some more Frequently Asked Questions.


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: CONTACT THE LICENSING UNIT ON 028 87720366/345, or email us: [email protected]


The Licensing Unit is always striving to improve its performance and the delivery of its service to its customers.  We value your comments and suggestions, however critical, of our service and the information and advice we provide.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any comments and/ or suggestions you may have.


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Be your dog's best friend -keep within the law




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